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All About Apprenticeships podcast
All About Apprenticeships Podcast - Georgie Frost
Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education Robert Halfon
Latest (Episode 28):

A new start: National Apprenticeship Week and Robert Halfon MP

We are back with season four of All About Apprenticeships, and this time we’re sponsored by

And what better way to kick off a new (monthly) series than by talking to the brand new (reappointed) Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education Robert Halfon during the week in the year dedicated to all things apprenticeships – National Apprenticeship Week.

Mr Halfon tells host Georgie Frost how he plans to ‘build and apprenticeships and skills nation’, what ignited his passion for apprenticeships and why ‘degree apprenticeship’ are his two favourite words.

This is Checkatrade’s brand new apprenticeship and skills channel and while you’re here, you can also check out our Jobs Board to find an apprenticeship that’s perfect for you.

For more on National Apprenticeship Week check out National Apprenticeship Week, you can also find more information about apprenticeships at @national_careers_service or head to Amazing Apprenticeships or UCAS for up to date information on current apprenticeship vacancies.

It’s also worth visiting the UK Government website.

About our host

Georgie Frost is a multi-award-winning sport and finance journalist, broadcaster, and presenter, having worked for the UK’s top media organisations, including The Times, talkRadio, BBC and the MailOnline.

Beginning her career as a sports journalist at the Guardian Media Group, Georgie now writes and hosts the This is Money podcast, one of the top five business podcasts on iTunes, This is Moneyball, a podcast that combines business and sport, and most recently All About Apprenticeships.

You can also follow Georgie on Twitter.

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Previous guests

Steph McGovern, TV presenter and Journalist

Steph McGovern, TV presenter and Journalist

As the main business presenter for BBC Breakfast for almost 10 years, Steph is a highly experienced journalist and TV presenter. In episode 4 of series 1, we sat down with Steph to find out more about her apprenticeship at Black and Decker and how that shaped her career – and gave her the confidence to step in front of the camera.

Gillian Keegan, Apprenticeships and Skills Minister

Gillian Keegan, Apprenticeships and Skills Minister

Gillian Keegan featured in the second-ever episode of All About Apprenticeships. Gillian, a Conservative Party politician and the first female MP for Chichester was appointed as MP Apprenticeship Ambassador in 2019. We spoke to Gillian about her role and her own experience of starting out as an apprentice at the age of 16.
Matt Ketterer, army lead for apprenticeship operations and quality assurance

Matt Ketterer, army lead for apprenticeship operations and quality assurance

The British Army has been awarded the top spot in the UK’s top 100 apprenticeship employers, and Matt Ketterer played an integral role in that fantastic achievement. Matt has held roles at the Ministry of Defence, NATO and now Heads up Learning and Development for the British Army. He chatted to us about the Army’s approach to apprenticeships, and what other businesses could learn from it.

Anna Morrison CBE, Director and Founder of Amazing Apprenticeships

Anna Morrison CBE, Director and Founder of Amazing Apprenticeships

After deciding University wasn’t the right route, Anna Morrison decided to prove everyone who told her that university was the only option, wrong. In 2010, she launched Amazing Apprenticeships: an organisation focused on tackling misconceptions about apprenticeships. Anna has been a recurring guest on All About Apprenticeships, discussing topics ranging from apprenticeships for women to choosing between university and an apprenticeship.

Laura Burley, Apprenticeship Ambassador at the Open University

Laura Burley, Apprenticeship Ambassador at the Open University

In her role as Apprenticeship Ambassador at the Open University, experienced public affairs professional, Laura Burley works to open education up to more people through apprenticeships. Laura has featured on several episodes, discussing a wide range of topics including the Apprenticeship Levy, and Spring budget review.

Tim Smith, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Multiverse

Tim Smith, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Multiverse

Tim Smith, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Multiverse, an organisation founded by Euan Blair in 2016 that aims to provide young people with apprenticeships as an alternative to university, has been a frequent guest bringing his views and experience to discuss the latest apprenticeship news.

Other guests

Guides and advice

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An apprenticeship could be the ideal start to a career for many young adults approaching the end of their GCSEs or A-Levels and your school or college can play a valuable role in helping students find out more about their apprenticeship options. In this article, we look at some of the ways in which you can incorporate information and useful demonstrations of apprenticeships to your students so that they can gain a better understanding of the potential benefits of starting their career via this route. Overcoming preconceptions about apprenticeships with your school careers resources While many young adults are aware

Apprentices: What are the options after an apprenticeship?

So, you’ve either completed your apprenticeship and looking for the next steps OR you want to know what you’re letting yourself in for in the future. Either way, the future is certainly looking bright with an apprenticeship! What are the main apprenticeship options? Generally speaking, there are five main choices you can make – all of which will help you progress in your chosen career. Begin your full-time career with your current company Advance your current apprenticeship by studying at a higher level Start a course at university Select to study a professional qualification in the area of your choice

How to write a cover letter for your apprenticeship application

Looking to ace your application for an apprenticeship but staring at a blank page and wondering where to start? No worries! We’ve got a few tips to help you get through it. What is a cover letter? First up, you’re probably wondering why a cover letter needs to be included with your apprenticeship application. Surely everything should just be explained in your CV? Not necessarily, because your CV should be factual and concise – no rambling allowed! Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to let your personality shine through. Use this opportunity to explore the reasons why you would