We're building a better future for young people, and the UK

Our educational programmes help young people engage in construction and trades careers.

We’re actively tackling the UK skills shortage in the construction industry by inspiring young people aged 14-25 to explore the opportunities presented by construction and trades apprenticeships. 

Our mission: inspire the UK's future workforce through construction and trades apprenticeships

The UK has an alarming labour shortage that threatens the future stability of construction and trades – we’re missing one million workers.
source: The 2023 Trade Skills Index

About Apprenticeships strives to plug this skills gap, by using our educational programmes, resources and content to encourage young people aged 14-25 into trades careers.


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Checkatrade's apprenticeship programmes

Get In 

We need tens of thousands more plumbers, electricians, joiners, and other tradespeople – and we’re looking to find bright, new apprentices like you to help plug the gap.

We’re looking for young people aged 16-25 who want to take control of their own futures.

Powered by Checkatrade, Get In aims to help connect you with a world of limitless possibilities in the trades.

Try A Trade

Try a Trade gives teachers and careers advisers everything they need to help inspire a new generation of young people in Years 10 and 11 about the incredible apprenticeship and career opportunities in trades.

All About Apprenticeships Podcast – Sponsored by Checkatrade 

The podcast that brings you everything you need to know about the world of apprenticeships.

Presented by business journalist Georgie Frost, and supported by About Apprenticeships, our podcast will keep you up to date with the latest apprenticeship news, bring you interviews with big name guests, and get up close and personal with apprentices and employers.

Guides and advice

Essential apprenticeships information to know before applying

If you’re considering an apprenticeship for the next stage of your career, there are lots of potential benefits to be had. However, it’s important that you’re fully informed about the practicalities of an apprenticeship role and the application process itself, to help you best prepare and make the most of the opportunity. Once you have spotted an apprenticeship that looks like it could be a good fit for your career goals, there are various things to consider before you apply. In this article, we look at some essential apprenticeships information before completing your application for any apprentice role. Check the

Apprenticeship training examples: What do apprentices learn?

As your child approaches the end of their exams and contemplates the next steps in their career, for many it can often feel like a daunting experience. For years, university has been promoted as the primary option not only by schools but often by parents as well. This emphasis on university is largely due to the lack of available resources for students and parents regarding apprenticeships, making it challenging to make an informed decision about the best path to take. To make an informed choice, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what an apprenticeship will entail. This

Apprenticeship Application: Seven Tips for Success

An apprenticeship is a great launchpad for young adults looking to start their careers – particularly in the traditional trades. The apprentice application process is one of the most important steps to starting that career path. Consider that your first impression will be your application – and this can be daunting – so careful consideration in taking the right steps is important.  In this blog, we’ll look at apprenticeship application tips you can utilise to brush up on your application letter and interview skills for a smoother and less stressful process, leaving you feeling more confident about your application.  Preparation

Our supporters

Many business leaders, industry experts and campaigners share our vision of inspiring more young people into trades careers and have lent their voice to our cause. 

Click on the images to find out more about them, or follow the links below:

We’re always eager to hear from businesses and individuals who share our vision. Contact us today if you’d like to get involved.

Powered by industry leaders

Richard Harpin 

Founder of HomeServe PLC, the UK’s leading emergency home repairs and improvement business.

Richard is passionate about the construction and trades industry and is the driving force behind About Apprenticeships’ engagement programmes Get In and Try A Trade, which strive to encourage more young people into trades careers. 

Melanie Waters  

Managing Director of Trade-Up, encouraging more uptake in trades skill careers through delivery programmes such as Checkatrade’s Try A Trade and Get In programmes.

Melanie is passionate about inspiring the future generation of trades workers and improving opportunities for people across the UK to get into trades careers.

Jambu Palaniappan  

CEO of Checkatrade, the UK’s number one tradesperson directory.

Checkatrade’s mission is to connect homeowners with trusted tradespeople. With the skills gap highlighting that the UK will face a skills shortage of one million workers over the next ten years, it’s more important than ever to recruit talented young people into the industry. 

Meet the young people supporting our cause

Young people are the future of the construction and trades industry, so it’s important their voices are heard.

Through Checkatrade’s Get In programme, we’ve worked with young people across the UK to share their experiences of the industry, as well as explore the barriers to trades careers and how we can inspire the next generation to take up the tools of the trade and engage in trades careers. 

Read some of their stories below.