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Whether you’re a high school leaver, college graduate or looking to train in a new skill, an apprenticeship could be the ideal route for you.

If you’re thinking an apprenticeship could be the next step for you then this route could help you build the foundation for a bright future. There are many careers that beginning as an apprentice could lead to and for many, you’ll already have one foot in the door and be learning skills as you work.

Long term or short term?

The company you begin your apprenticeship with could very well be the place you decide to progress up the levels. In fact, 85% of apprentices will stay in employment, with two-thirds (64%) remaining with the same employer.

Looking at it from a fast-win perspective, apprentices will immediately reap the benefits of their return on investment. One in three of all former apprentices received a promotion within a year of completing their apprenticeship. As much as we consider the here and now, it’s the longer-term that’s also vital to consider – how will this benefit you years from now?

To put it in real-life terms, 51% of companies stated that it takes an apprentice approximately five years to reach management level and 92% of apprentices reported being ‘satisfied’ with their apprenticeship.

The dots connect when you’re looking into the future and trying to decide where you want to be five years from now, knowing you have a solid career path and having a business that supports you every step of the way makes life that much easier.

Securing your future

Not only will you be nailing down the path you want to take, but you’ll be securing knowledge for future skills and careers.

For many employers, hiring an apprentice is ideal because it will help future-proof their business by training apprentices in areas they know they’ll need in the future. Whilst upskilling their current workforce, your knowledge and training will become a valuable tool in doing so.

Due to the nationwide skills gap affecting the trade sector, your expertise in a field of construction (i.e. Plumbing, heating, etc.) will be in high demand and this gives you the added bonus of job security.

According to our latest UK Domestic Trades Skills Index report, there are one million new workers needed in construction and trade to meet the growing demand by 2030. This highlights the importance you will have in choosing a skill that is needed by many.

On-the-job work experience

Rather than being confined to the four walls of a classroom, choosing an apprenticeship route allows you to test your newly acquired skills out on the road in real-life situations. We all understand it’s one thing learning something sitting at a desk, but something entirely different when putting it into practice.

Having relevant work experience under your belt will put you in good stead against the competition for potential future job roles. Many employers value work experience, as well as qualifications, as it demonstrates you’ve already begun fine-tuning your skills.

Transferable skills

The skills you learn whilst training for your apprenticeship are invaluable. As the industry is such a fast-moving machine, you’ll learn to become adaptable to change. Accepting the environment you’re working within is susceptible to change at the drop of a hat is a key skill in working under pressure.

Apprentices who’ve gone through the process have said the programme boosts their confidence in their own abilities and skills – showing confidence to employers that money can’t buy.

Also, going through the extensive learning process demonstrates to an employer you have the commitment and dedication to your profession to build on your skills and become the best that you can be.

All of these soft skills that you learn whilst training for your apprenticeship are invaluable and will help build a successful future.

List of apprenticeships

You’ll be surprised by the apprenticeship careers you can gain access to through this route. The Gov website highlights the various apprenticeships on offer and the level of qualifications you can gain with each one.

With the wide scope of apprenticeship frameworks, varying programmes and industries, there are lots of possible careers that can lead you to your dream job. Apprenticeships also supply you with numerous transferrable skills including:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork/people skills
  • Organisation and punctuality
  • Responsibility

Find the full list of apprenticeships here.

Where to find apprenticeships?

We understand it can seem daunting scrolling through the endless details of employers, training providers and apprenticeships on offer so we want to try and make it as simple as possible.

We’re committed to supporting the growth of our nation’s skills and helping bridge the gap of the UK-wide skills shortage. We want to help match you, the apprentice, to your perfect employer.

To help you identify exactly what you’re looking for view our Jobs Board. In partnering with Talentview, we’re hosting our own roles and can help steer apprentices and employers onto their platform assisting you in finding your dream role.

It’s as simple as this five-step process:

  1. Set up your profile page
  2. Select the areas you want to work
  3. Search for local opportunities and set alerts
  4. See the best way to apply
  5. Help employers find you and contact you directly

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