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There’s little doubt that taking on an apprenticeship will bring huge benefits to your business – and lots of them.

Not only are they a cost-effective, brilliant way to expand your workforce, but they also provide new skills and a fresh perspective, giving your organisation a boost.

What’s more, with Government support on offer including apprenticeship levy funding and transfer service, taking on a new starter in this way is turning into something of a no brainer.

By hiring an apprentice, you’d be following a trend adopted by countless businesses of all shapes and sizes – including some of the country’s biggest, most successful outfits.

So, whether your business is preparing to take on its latest batch of new apprentice starters, or is employing one for the first time, you’re making a great decision.

Here, we outline six big apprenticeship benefits for businesses:

  1. They bring your organisation fresh, new ideas

First and foremost, a clear, proven fact: apprentices improve the businesses they work for. Motivated, innovative and ready to learn, the benefit they bring through their own skills is in addition to the boost it gives their new co-workers.

A Government report in 2017 showed apprenticeships are a great way of improving your service and boosting your bottom line.

It found 86% of employers who took one on reported the development of skills relevant to the organisation, with other benefits including improved productivity, better quality of product or service, and higher staff morale all highlighted by 75% of those asked.

By developing their skills over the course of several years, they will keep staff motivated and, for both the employer and apprentice, the qualification they gain at the end of the course is of extreme value to both parties too.

  1. A training provider is there to help

Training providers have a multitude of purposes.

Not only do they help you arrange, deliver, and manage your programme, but they also assist in making sure the business finds the right candidate, developing a training strategy and supporting the apprentice through off-the-job learning.

This broad range of support frees up time for leaders to be used for important business processes rather than on long-winded administration and recruitment processes.

  1. Apprenticeships can help businesses retain great employees in the long-term

Apprenticeships may be an investment in staff, but the support on offer and the benefits they bring make them more than a worthwhile investment.

In what other sphere of recruitment do you get a candidate you can effectively mould into the ideal employee whose skills are perfect for your organisation?

This will give them unparalleled knowledge of your business – perfect for them working their way up the ladder.

This allows you to not only bring in motivated individuals, but also loyal employees that are likely to stay with your business for a long time to come.

According to CEO Today Magazine, when given the opportunity by the company they’ve been training with, apprentices often choose to stay on and take a full-time job because they’ve been supported in their career. It means a bonus for both parties – with apprentices getting a job quickly after qualifying and businesses employing a skilled member of the team who doesn’t need to undergo basic training.

  1. They help future proof your business

Similarly, apprenticeships can help solve recruitment crises before they have a chance to begin. This can come in the form of offering apprenticeships in areas of the business you know you will need in the future to grow the company.

What’s more, most apprenticeships are designed in partnership with industry, with a view to filling a skills gap.

This will mean your new starter is learning the skills needed to excel in the relevant field, and in turn, become a success for your business.

Use our free Jobs Board here to find you the perfect candidate.

  1. They make your workforce more diverse.

New apprentices often have a different background, and may have taken an alternative route into the industry, to your other staff. In a world where employee diversity is becoming ever more prominent, that is vital.

According to the Social Mobility Commission, apprenticeships are one of the “most powerful and effective means of boosting social mobility amongst workers from less advantaged backgrounds”. Therefore, not only a just cause, but also smart business.

That applies to a diversity in skills, too. Younger apprentices bring the crucial benefit of being digital natives, which could be useful if those skills are lacking in your current workforce.

CEO Magazine says every business can gain from the “unique experience and combination of skills that apprentices have to offer”- be it their first time working for the business or not.

  1. They can bring bags of experience too

Not all apprentices are school leavers, and businesses often miss out on a vast range of benefits that come from hiring a mature apprentice.

The truth is, many people with lots of different experience across industries are retraining and doing apprenticeships, simply because they offer a wealth of fantastic benefits.

According to The Growth Company (TGC), over 50s bring a “wealth of skills and experience” – knowing how to deal with stressful situations, being able to communicate clearly and possessing strong organisational skills.

TGC’s myth-busting article debunks the idea that it costs more to employ an older apprentice; and that an older person won’t bring anything to the company.

It advises that “it’s these people with these kinds of attributes who improve productivity, performance and, ultimately, your bottom line”.


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